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Blackmagic Design 2110 IP Presentation Converter

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****Utilize SMPTE 2110 IP video for media presentations with the 2110 IP Presentation Converter from Blackmagic Design. - Quick Features - SMPTE-2110 IP Video Standard - 10G Ethernet - Easy to Install Quick Features - For podiums where speakers do presentations - Connects switchers to computers, projectors, microphones, and PA systems - HDMI and USB-C inputs for video and the 45W USB-C will power a laptop - An HDMI output for a projector can be switched to the video input or the 2110 IP return feed - XLR mic inputs and XLR audio out for PA speakers - RJ-45 10G Ethernet video connection can power the whole converter via PoE, even while charging a USB computer SMPTE-2110 IP Video Standard - Blackmagic 2110 IP products conform to the SMPTE ST-2110 standard for IP video, which specifies the transport, synchronization, and description of 10-bit video, audio, and ancillary data over managed IP networks for broadcast. It can also re-sync SDI inputs to a common PTP clock, or external gear can lock to the reference output generated from the PTP clock. Blackmagic 2110 IP products support SMPTE-2110-20 uncompressed video, SMPTE-2110-21 traffic shaping/timing, SMPTE-2110-30 audio, and SMPTE-2110-40 for ancillary data. Plus, Blackmagic 2110 IP products support multicast, an efficient way of distributing video, audio, and data from a single source to multiple destinations. 10G Ethernet - Blackmagic 2110 IP Converters are available in models with RJ-45 connectors for simple Cat 6 copper cables or SFP sockets for optical fiber modules and cables. Using simple Cat 6 copper cables means you can build SMPTE-2110 systems at a dramatically lower cost. The cables are simple, and Ethernet switches for 10G Ethernet are very common. In most cases, modern buildings already have 10G Ethernet cable installed, so you can use the cables you already have. Plus, copper cables can remotely power devices such as converters and cameras. There are also models for optical fiber Ethernet. Optical fiber at 10G speed is much lower-cost than 25G or 40G Ethernet. You can even use 3G-, 6G-, or 12G-SDI modules. Easy to Install - One of the biggest problems with SMPTE-2110 is needing an IT tech on standby to keep video systems running. Blackmagic 2110 IP converters solve this problem because they can connect point to point, so you don't need to use a complex Ethernet switch if you don't want to. That means you get the advantage of SMPTE-2110 IP video with simple Ethernet cables, remote power, and bidirectional video. It's just like an SDI workflow. You can plug cameras into rack converters and get all the camera control, program video, power, and tally over a single cable. Or connect an HDMI converter to a rack converter for remote monitors.


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