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Accsoon CineView 2 SDI Wireless Video Transmission System

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Stability with a Longer Range
  • The CineView 2 is the latest addition to Accsoon esteemed CineView product family.
  • Expanding on Accsoon US patented 2.4GHz+5GHz Dual-Band technology and featuring an all-new antenna design.
  • The CineView 2 can seamlessly transmit 1080P 60fps video and audio signals across a 1500ft (450m) line of sight range.
  • Maintaining an impressively low latency of under 50ms.
  • Dual-Band Stable Connection With A Longer Range
  • Market Proved Wireless Stability
  • Leveraging our Dual-Band transmission technology and the all-new antenna design.
  • CineView 2 ensures a stable connection even over longer distances.
  • New Antenna Design, Stronger Signal
  • Accsoon continues to push the limits of stable wireless transmission.
  • With the benefits from the newly designed antennas.
  • The CineView 2 surpasses the performance of the CineView SE/HE by extending the transmission range even further.
  • Now reaching an impressive 1500 feet.
  • Compact Design, Smaller Than Ever
  • Easier to carry, faster to rig. 200g
  • Monitor On Up To Four Devices
  • Each CineView 2 transmitter can wirelessly send the video to any combination of dedicated CineView receiver units and smart devices (both iOS and Android) totaling up to four.
  • No Fan Noise, Quiet Shooting
  • Classic CineView design, ensuring efficient heat dissipation, quiet shooting with no fan noise.
  • Full Color LCD Screen
  • Cross-Compatibility with Other CineView Models
  • CineView 2 are backwards compatible with the current CineView SE, HE, and Quad models.
  • Allowing users to mix and match these as required.
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